never fish alone

the mobile app that fosters simple and informative fishing challenges.

do you really need all the baits in your tackle box?

we've added only the features you need, resulting in an untangled interface.

quick game setup

set game type, length and who
you want to compete against.

no access codes, admin account or tedious forms necessary.

game leaderboard

a full-screen, live, leaderboard displays all the info needed to understand where you stand in the game.

game updates

fish more and open the app less.

timely, concise notifications let you know exactly what you need to do to win and exactly how much time you have to do it.

keep your line in the water.

get leaderboard updates without having to open up the app.

let's think about the fish.

give back to the species that has given so much to you.

we often portage our best bass to the weigh station and then just release them there. how would you like to be taken hostage in Connecticut and dropped off in Texas?